Vitamin D Supplements Controls High Blood Pressure, Suggests Research

High blood pressure is a severe condition that puts additional stress on vital organs and blood vessels affecting different human organs. It is also known as hypertension. High blood pressure is also known to be the ‘the silent killer’ as it gradually deteriorates health condition. Signs of hypertension only show the symptoms themselves when the patient has extremely high blood pressure. But recent research suggests one can lower the risk of hypertension by regular consumption of Vitamin D.

The research states the deficiency of Vitamin D can be linked to aggravating high blood pressure. People sufficient levels of vitamin D are more probable to have lower blood pressure explained by in-house dietician Kajsa Ernestam of health app Lifesum’s. A number of things people consume have an effect on the blood pressure, so it becomes important to change the diet if one is already prone to high blood pressure symptoms, said Ernestam. As high blood pressure can go unnoticed for several years, it is important to check oneself at regular intervals. The ignorance of the silent symptoms can damage arteries which can increase cardiovascular disease possibilities.

It is difficult to get vitamin D only via food as it is rare in food, but one can get it through the good natural source such as fatty fish namely tuna, mackerel, and salmon, and Vitamin D enriched dairy products. Vitamin D is also important to regulate the calcium and phosphate amount in the body.

Taking precaution is of utmost importance to avoid high blood pressure. In addition, avoid and managing stress are also crucial for avoiding high blood pressure. Right diet and healthy food choices can play a big role in keeping blood pressure in check. Supplements such as Vitamin D can definitely go a long way in helping individuals live a better life.

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