Inova Health System Partners with Babyscripts, Invests $500,000

Babyscripts’ platform will be rolled out in stages at Inova. It will be first extended to Inova’s own employees.

The United States-based clinically validated, digital healthcare company, Babyscripts has announced partnership with another US-based non-profit health organization, Inova Health System. Inova will invest around $500,000 in Babyscripts, according to the agreement. Earlier this year, Babyscripts raised approximately $6 Mn in fresh funding led by Royal Philips. Babyscripts’ platform includes a digital patient management dashboard for pregnancy healthcare providers to help identify patients that would require a medical intervention or follow-up. The platform provides data gathered through a patient-facing mobile app and connected devices such as glucometers, blood pressure cuffs, and scales. Under the partnership with Babyscripts, Inova will deploy this platform in its organization.

“Babyscripts gives us the opportunity to increase the impact of Inova’s wellness programs on the lives of the region’s expecting families. Through Inova’s parenting and childbirth education, we see more than 11,000 people currently. With this additional tool, Inova is happy to expand its holistic care services to pregnant moms and their families,” said Inova’s Sustainability and Wellness Assistant VP, Seema Wadhwa in a statement.

Babyscripts will roll out more provider partnerships

2019 has been a busy year for Babyscripts so far. In February this year, the company partnered with Penn Medicine, a US-based healthcare firm that is a division of the University of Pennsylvania. This partnership is focused on postpartum hypertension. It was announced in the following month in which Babyscripts raised $6 Mn in a Royal Philips-led new investment funding round.

“Babyscripts is adding more number of modules to the program, and the hypertension module is just an instance of the newest greatest and latest. The next module is what we are calling the 4th trimester, which is entirely a new way of postpartum care management,” said Juan Pablo Segura, President and Co-founder of Babyscripts.

“Our people think partnering really closely with the health systems, with our partners is the real opportunity. It is not easy to transform pregnancy care – getting providers to think differently, changing care models. Babyscripts wants its customers to put skin in the game. Obviously, they are paying Babyscripts for a service where our company is adding value. However, the more we could align all incentives to maternity care that is truly transforming, which can help us to solve mortality, morbidity, Medicaid access to care, and other core issues, the more through equity dollars people really buy into it, the more successful we all will be, I think,” said Segura.

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