New Goggles will Help to Diagnose Vertigo Accurately, Study Confirms

The study published in Journal of Neurology states that researchers have designed unique goggles that will help diagnose the type of vertigo a person has by gauging eye movements during an episode.

Vertigo is acute dizziness that can result in a loss of balance, uneasiness in walking or standing, a feeling of falling down, or nausea. There are different types of vertigo, with different causes that require different treatments.

The study’s author, Miriam S. Welgampola, said that vertigo can be a disabling state for the patients. Thus, an exact diagnosis is vital to treat and stop vertigo at the earliest. A person’s eye movements during a certain period help in the diagnosis and it is not possible for the physician to catch the eye moment while the patient is at the physician’s office. The goggle will help the patient to accurately register the type, condition, and severity of the disease.

The study included 117 people who had been diagnosed with one of three types of vertigos. The use of the goggles to record video of their eye movements while having a vertigo episode proved to be successful. As the majority of people with Meniere’s disease (a type of vertigo) were accurately diagnosed with the help of these goggles.

Further studies needed to be done to call the goggles to be the apt instrument to measure vertigo. Thus, the researchers are providing this goggles to the patients so that they can get the record of the eye movement to accurately diagnose vertigo.

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