No-deal Brexit to Tighten the Market for Pharmaceuticals in EU

As the date of Brexit is approaching, health professionals in the European Union are raising red flags about the shortage of supply of critical medicine in Britain. Brexit from EU with no deal could hamper the trade of pharmaceuticals between the countries.

Britain is expected to experience a shortage of fresh food if there is a no-deal Brexit, it will also affect the pharmaceutical companies as well. Britain ships about 45 million packs of medicines every month, which accounted for 12 billion pounds worth of trade in 2016.

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has promised to take Britain out of the EU without a deal if they fail to negotiate a new agreement.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said that they are well prepared for Brexit and have the authorizations for 400 drugs. The medicines will require further clearing due to Britain’s departure. They will need an authorizations by EU-wide licenses for three medicine.

The agency is responsible to clear all the new drugs for 28 countries in the EU. The drugs range from the most common to serious diseases including diabetes, cancer, and flu.

After Brexit as many as 6,000 of these drugs have to go through licensing.

In February, the Netherlands declared the risk of shortage of 50 critical drugs after a no-deal Brexit. Later the concern for those medicines was resolved but the risk on less essential ones still persists.

Last year, 21 countries in the EU has been facing the shortage of medical supplies due to the problems with production, regulators, and distribution. The vaccine has been cited as being in short supply.

Hundreds of medicines from Britain will need authorization and registrations from the EU. Britain, which imports about 37 million medicine packets every month, will lose its supervisory and clinical-trial capacities. The operation and tests to approve drugs have been moved to the EU.

The local pharma industries are expected to shrink, which will lead to tighter supplies and higher cost.

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