Napping Once or Twice per Week may Reduce Stroke or Heart Attack Risk: New Study

People who napped for between 5 to 60 minutes once or twice in a week had 48% less chance of having a heart failure, stroke, or heart attack.

According to a new study by Swiss researchers, taking a daytime nap one or two times in a week may help to have a healthy heart. Recently published in the British Cardiovascular Society’s official journal Heart, the observational study focuses on the link between napping duration and frequency and the risk of non-fatal and fatal cardiovascular disease complications. Interestingly, the researchers did not find an association between napping duration or frequency that is greater than what they looked at in the study and low risk of heart attack or stroke. The study was conducted by researchers from Switzerland’s University Hospital of Lausanne.

“While no association was found for more napping duration or frequent napping, subjects napping one or two times a week have a lower risk of incident cardiovascular disease events,” said the authors of the report.

Several studies don’t consider napping duration or frequency, said researchers

Over 3,400 people aged 35 to 75 years were tracked for more than five years. In comparison to people who were not indulged in napping at all, those who napped occasionally, i.e. one or two times per week, for between 5 to 60 minutes had 48% less chance of having a heart failure, stroke, or heart attack. According to the researchers, a number of published researches don’t take into account napping duration or frequency, although some researches have focused on the impact of napping on heart health.

It seems people who napped everyday were likely to be sicker whereas those who nap one or two times per week have organized or healthier lifestyles, said University of Glasgow’s Professor of Metabolic Medicine, Naveed Sattar.

“This means the latter pattern of more regular napping is likely representing subclinical illness associated with poorer lifestyle and the former of occasional napping is intentional. This then would explain the differential risks. I do not think that one can work out from this work whether one or two days of intentional napping in a week improves the health of the heart, so nobody should be taking from this that napping is a way of lessening their risk of heart attack,” said Sattar who found the study somewhat interesting.

Sattar added that it is far better to follow usual lifestyle advice of decent activity levels and good diets and look to get regular good sleep at night.

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