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Vaping Concerns to be U.S’s Localized Problem, says Expert

On Monday, experts in toxicology and addiction said that vaping or e-cigarettes, which are linked to lung injuries in the United States, killing 29 and affecting more than 1,000 people, are less likely to affect other countries with lower usage of these products.

Experts said that the 1,299 confirmed cases of serious lung injuries linked to vaping in America are a U.S.-specific phenomenon. There is no evidence found in other countries, like in Britain, linking the two.

John Britton, professor at Nottingham University, said that the condition in the U.S.A is not what is happening in Britain nor in any other country.

The investigators and health officials in the U.S.A have said that the cases of vaping related lung illness might have more than one cause. They are also considering oils used in vaping as one of the cause for diseases, as it contains a chemical called THC, which is also used as a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

According to Ann McNeill, professor at the Institute of Psychiatry Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s College London, Britain has over 3.6 million regular e-cigarette users, but the advertisement of vapes and oils has serious restrictions on them compared to that of the United States.

Smoking tobacco cigarettes causes heart diseases and lung cancer becomes fatal for a large number of people. In Britain, the rate of people who smoke tobacco cigarettes is dropping more rapidly than in the United States, noted by Ann and Britton. This is due to smokers switching tobacco with e-cigarettes to help them quit.

Last month, India, with its largest smoking population, announced a ban on the sale of e-cigarettes, citing concerns over the U.S. cases. Since 2015, Malaysia has already banned the sales of vape liquids containing nicotine but following the U.S. concerns, they are considering a total ban sales on e-cigarette.

Britton disagrees with India’s decision to ban e-cigarettes as they send a message to continue smoking cigarettes to smokers. He said that stay on cigarette will take away a day of your life but banning e-cigarettes will kill people.

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